…and, we’re back!

Volunteers at HallOVeen

Apologies for the lack of activity here over the past year.  We have done a poor job keeping this website updated, but hopefully you’ve been watching on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates 😀

Las Vegas Young Professionals Kiwanis has been going through some transitioning, but with some new invigoration, we are moving forward and have already started out this year with some fun service activities.

On Nevada Day (October 25), a few of our members made it out to help out with Opportunity Village‘s new event, HallOVeen.  This event brought families out to enjoy some Halloween spirit with games and activities at the Opportunity Village campus.  Our volunteers were able to help with the always-popular giant slide!

The next day, our volunteers helped out with New Vista Community‘s final Wine Walk of the year.  Treasurer Derek Furukawa and new member Ryan Ocampo helped by pouring wine for the attendees.  It proved to be great fun as many of the patrons were dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Working hard at the New Vista Community Wine Walk

Over the next several weeks, you will see some new events and activities, so stay tuned and thanks for sticking with us!

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