Kiwanis One Day 2015

Greetings all Southern Nevada Kiwanis Family,

This is Ryan Max Ocampo, President of Las Vegas Young Professionals. Thank you all for being so patient with us as we have been anticipating K1day 2015 these past few months. We owe our thanks to the Kiwanians who have stayed with us and continued to support us up to this point, despite our drawbacks and occasional unresponsiveness. However, it is in that spirit of K-fam support that I am happy to present our plan for #SNVK1Day (Southern Nevada Kiwanis One Day). First, however, I would like to clarify what my club has come to see K1day as.

Las Vegas Young Professionals is comprised entirely of graduates of Sponsored Leadership Programs. Whether it was Key Club or Circle K International, we came into the Kiwanis family through an SLP first. All of us found our passion of service through the short time we spent in those clubs and have chosen to continue fulfilling that passion through Kiwanis.

As such, LVYP holds special regards of Kiwanis One Day as a special opportunity to (1) connect with our SLP’s through (2) engaging in active community service with them. Although we acknowledge the following as opportunities, LVYP does not see the following as priorities of Kiwanis One Day:
Promotion of the Kiwanis name/brand
Recruitment for Kiwanis
Fundraising for Kiwanis
Promotion of self for personal gain or venture
With these in mind, I hope that you will understand our chosen course of action to create a day where we can connect with our sponsored leadership program youth through impactful community service.

Here is our plan for Kiwanis One Day:

Morning Community Service (8am-12pm)
Engage in community service. LVYP will provide a list of opportunities of service organizations and projects and will act as the main liason with the organizations until a Kiwanis or SLP member offers to take up the burden of being our “feet on the ground”. Select the project you feel most passionate about and commit to doing it. Then encourage others in the Kiwanis family to join you. Execute the project and share on social media your accomplishments.

Afternoon Reception and Literacy Service (12pm-3pm)
LVYP will host a reception for all Kiwanis Family at St Judes Ranch for Children. Food and refreshments will be provided as well as service opportunities for those who come and attend. This is where we will be doing the book cleaning/sorting/boxing and other arts and crafts type projects aimed at promoting literature.

Our reasoning for this format of Kiwanis One Day:

1. The first part of K1day is “service on your own”. Traditionally, Kiwanis One Day provides for a time when all of the Kiwanis family in an area get together to do one big service project. Also traditionally, Kiwanis clubs are typically small and confined to small communities where a little bit goes a long way. Therefore, instead of initially striving to be all together we will spread out for the first part of K1day and do service in our respective interests and areas. We, as Vegas Kiwanis, will serve in various parts of the Valley (yes, including Pahrump and Laughlin because they are part of the K-fam too) We are not forcing anyone to go to one particular location to do service. We find this the most fair course of action with the least amount of resistance (red tape) since theoretically, nothing we are doing is hosted by Kiwanis and everyone must sign up individually.

2. Although we are physically separated for the first part of the day, that does not mean that we are not united as Vegas Kiwanis Family. The whole concept of K1day is that Kiwanis around the world does service together within their own respective means and locations. We are simply following suit as Las Vegas is considerably larger than most communities. However, we will be utilizing Social Media as a way to connect us through specific hashtags and tweet times and themes. We will release a full social media guide once we connect with our experts…the Key Clubbers.


1. Please get on social media if you have it. All the kids are using it.
2. Be a positive representative of Kiwanis not just to the SLP’s, but to the organizations we work with.
3. Bring energy and enthusiasm and support for one another.
4. Follow @lvypkiwanis on twitter, like our FB page, but most of all, bookmark our website ( It will        be updated with event opportunities and details for K1day as we get them such as social media guidelines, project        sign ups, non-profit partnerships, etc.
5. If you have a project, please let LVYP know so that we can advertise it or at least acknowledge it. We need:
Title of project
Organization to be working with
Purpose of project
Contact information of volunteer coordinator
Estimate accommodation # (i.e.15-20 volunteers over 18 years old)
Time and Location
6. Serve with your SLP’s!

Overall, the morning might not see all of Vegas Kiwanis serving as a physical whole, but we can encourage pockets of Kiwanis Family to serve together throughout the Valley. We can make this a fun and memorable experience for our SLP’s while still impacting the community as a whole.

I hope you will commit with myself and the rest of my club and will continue to support our idea for #SNVK1day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Ryan Max Ocampo, as the project head for K1day.

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