Being a community organization, the Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas, Young Professionals supports a number of community organizations. With a focus on diversity, many of the areas that our club shows support for organizations relevant to the underrepresented populations in the Las Vegas community. As we work with new causes, we will update this page accordingly. We typically try to also provide resources for others to learn about these causes.

Statement on racial justice

In these recent weeks of grief, anger, fear, and uncertainty regarding the state of racial justice in our communities, it is important for our club to ensure our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and all efforts to fight against racial injustice in our community.

LVYP Kiwanis has prided itself in its diversity and commitment to the community for over a decade in the Las Vegas Community. Following the death of George Floyd, our club understood that it was not just that one incident, but another example in a history of racial and prejudicial injustice against the Black community.

As a community organization, we want to make sure our members and allies are informed of resources available to them in the Las Vegas community and beyond. Only as a COMMUNITY can we make the positive steps toward a more inclusive and just society. We stand with those who have been victims of racial injustice and offer a supporting voice and hand to those who need it. With hope and support,

Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas, Young Professionals

Link to this statement and community resources can be found at

asian american community

LVYP Kiwanis is proud to support and be supported by the Asian Community Development Council. We promote initiatives and events they are working with and they have supported us on events that we have coordinated for the local community.

More information can be found on their website at:

homeless youth

Homelessness is a large issue in southern Nevada. Homeless youth encounter even more obstacles in regard to their personal safety and well-being. We are fortunate to get to support this population through working with an organization like the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Yough.

More information about NPHY can be found on their website at: